COVID-19 Updates

Chiropractic Update

Maplebrook Chiropractic is a small office and never has a crowded waiting room.  We only offer one-to-one treatments and consultations with our patients. We are continuing (on a slightly limited schedule) to offer Chiropractic appointments.  We also have began offering virtual appointments for certain services.

Massage Update

We have exciting news regarding massage therapy services.  We plan on re-starting massage therapy on Monday, June 1, 2020.  Please see full details below.

All massage membership plan reoccurring fees will resume on June 1, 2020.  All four massage therapists have updated their availability and their schedule is available online.

Massage Therapy Services Resume June 1st!

 Massage Therapy Services at Maplebrook Chiropractic will resume on Monday, June 1, 2020.  

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For all Chiropractic, Massage, or Nutrition patients and clients, we want to update you with what we are doing to keep everyone (including our team) safe and healthy:

  • Per the revisions of the Governor's Order, all patients entering our facility will be required to wear a face covering or mask.  Please follow this guidance from the CDC on proper use of face coverings and homemade masks.
  • Even more frequent professional cleanings of the office including the front desk, waiting room, bathroom, and treatment rooms.
  • Disinfectant used to clean high-tough areas between clients and to clean off treatment tables after each and every patient.  And as always, complete laundry change after each massage client.
  • Dr. Nadia and all massage therapists have always and will continue to wash and sanitize their hands thoroughly between clients.
  • All clients must wash their hands with soap and water before and after all treatments.  
  • We are limiting visitors and would kindly ask only patients enter the office.

You must notify us ahead of your appointment if:

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19
  • You have knowingly come in contact with (or share a household with) someone who has contracted COVID-19
  • You are exhibiting any of the following symptoms of COVID-19: Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fever, Chills, Muscle pain, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell

Please DO NOT come into the office if you are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms.  Again, if you are not feeling well, please cancel your appointment as to not put your professional staff or fellow patients at any risk.


We understand if you choose to reschedule or cancel your appointment for any reason and we will waive our cancellation charge even for cancellations without the full 24 hour notice.  However, you must call us in-advance to notify us and cancel. 


#DrNadiaApproved Reminders:

  • Stay hydrated!
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep (if you want to know what is recommended for you, ask Dr. Nadia)
  • ... and boost your immune system NOW!  Stock up on Liposomal C, D, Ginger-Tussin, Silvercillin, ImmunoMod-A and Probiotics.  Many items are starting to go out of stock so hurry and get these today!  They can be delivered directly to your home.  My favorite IMMUNE BOOSTING products are found by clicking here.  There is a special 25% discount available by using the code FIRST25 .  For more details or to shop the e-health store please click here.   You can also E-Mail Dr. Nadia if you have ANY questions regarding what products she suggests for you.

As it relates to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), please heed the advice from the Illinois Department of Public Health as well as other local and federal public health leaders and agencies.  Please click here to see the latest information and guidance.